A Week in Winter

by Maeve Binchy

I finally read, with the encouragement of my trusty pal Sam the Cat, Ms Binchy’s last book “A Week in Winter”   This was a classic Maeve Binchy:   a collection of various characters, each with a life story, who come together for a week in a seaside inn.     One cannot help getting caught up in the situations and the unique personalities of the players.    It comes together in the end in a satisfying way, given that life is never exactly perfect unless you choose to make it so.

A MUST READ for Maeve Binchy fans.   The books jacket tells us this was her last book before she passed away at age 72 in July 2012.    I want to travel to Ireland and find that inn, or one just like it, with winds and waves, birds and caves, pubs and song and many diverse people.